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Protection of Private Info Act


Employees can no longer unilaterally resign with immediate effect

 Employer liable for damages for referring to “a female, employment equity” employee candidate

Collective Bargaining

The Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill


Can an employee get dismissed fairly for referring to a fellow employee as "Swartman"? Not always


Failure to prosecute reviews timeously

Equal Pay For Work of Equal Value: Less Pay For Newly Appointed Employees?

Medical Certificates from Traditional Health Practitioners

Simmers case - Case law on sexual harassment


Employment Services Act

Here comes POPI

The LRA amendments have been implemented - finally!


E-cigarettes in the workplace

Employment Equity Act - Key changes (Part 1)

Employment Equity Act - Key changes (Part 2)


Employment Services Bill

LRA Amendments - yet more delays and uncertainty


Custom and cultural practices

Employment Equity Bill - key changes

Highlights of the BCEA Amendment Bill

Highlights of the LRA Amendment Bill

Premature termination of fixed term agreements

Procedural fairness in terms of the new CCMA guidelines for misconduct arbitrations

Substantive fairness in terms of the new CCMA guidelines for misconduct arbitrations

The future of fixed term and part-time contracts: proposed LRA amendments to the LRA

Addressing non-compliance with the BCEA

Amendments to the LRA (Collective Bargaining)


Affirmative action - where the law stands at present

Employee privacy - comments made in private capacity on social media sites or forums

Fiduciary duties in the absence of an employment contract

The risk of sexual harassment in the workplace

Value-based decision-making in employment

When is a contractor really an employee?


Disciplinary sanctions - does truthfulness play a role?

Do employees have a right to a salary increase?

Reporting for duty while under the influence of alcohol

Compliance with the EEA

Consistency with the application of discipline

Dismissal for theft

Employee undergoing a sex change

Employees participating in an unprotected strike

Is promotion based on equity, as opposed to merit, fair?

Latest changes to the South African Tobacco Laws

Reporting for duty while under the influence of alcohol

Retirement age

Retrenching an employee for poor performance unfair





Dealing with suspected employee dishonesty

Dismissal based on circumstantial evidence

Employees in prison

Employers be aware of discrimination in the workplace

Misconduct outside working hours

Employer’s contribution to benefit schemes when employee is on unpaid leave

Poor work performance

Suspension pending a hearing

The importance of timely disciplinary action

Which demands are union members entitled to strike over

Why constructive communication with employees is so important


Incompetent employees

Disciplinary notices, common mistakes and good practices

Dismissal for pregnancy or a reason to pregnancy

Employers may be held liable for unlawful behaviour of their employees

Failure to apply fair disciplinary procedures

Misconduct:  The importance of clear and known rules

Power outages - must employees be paid

Pitfalls in dealing with health related incapacity


False accusations of racism


Procedural fairness in disciplinary hearings

Pros and cons of outsourcing

The basic rules regarding leave for employees


Absenteeism caused by work-related stress

Compensation orders at the CCMA

Defining remuneration perplexes employers

Double jeopardy

Legal representation in Disciplinary Hearings

Outsourcing - New developments

Sexual harassment in the workplace - a warning to employers

Smoking in the workplace


  Dismissal for the wrong reasons

  Flexible employment relations remain possible

  Liability of Employers for Unlawful Conduct of Employees

  Payout of accumulated leave problematic

  Combating absenteeism in the workplace

  Defining remuneration perplexes employers


A Typical Contractual Relationships

Interception of electronic communications by employers

Obligations with regards to Promotion of Access to Information

Pitfalls for the purchases of businesses

Sexual Harassment - Part 1

Sexual Harassment - Part 2

Termination of temporary employees services

The position of the employee with the transfer of a business


  Amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

  Independent Contractors and Employees Part 1

  Independent Contractors and Employees Part 2


  Trends in the Labour Market Strikes during 2001