Covid-19 Official documentation

Guidelines and Easy Aids
TERS & UIF Benefits
Risk-adjusted Strategy for Economic Activity
COVID-19 Direction on Health and Safety in the Workplace
Guidance for symptom monitoring and management of essential workers for COVID19 related infection
Health and Safety Practitioner guidelines-COVID19 walk through risk assessment
Specialised health risk assessment for workplaces by employers and self-employed persons
Worker COVID-19 Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Toolkit
NDOH guidance on Vulnerable Employees and Workplace Accommodation in relation to COVID-19 (V4: 25 May 2020)
Amendment to TERS Directive (8 April 2020)
CCMA Directive – Postponement of cases
Regulations and Directives
Directive UIF (25 March 2020)
Directive Covid-19 on BCEA Leave (26 March 2020)
Lockdown regulations 25 March 2020
Lockdown regulations 16 April 2020
Notice on compensation for occupationally acquired Corona virus under COIDA Amended Act
Risk Adjusted Strategy Regulations 29 Apr 2020
Directive - Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces (29 April 2020)
Consolidated Covid-19 Direction on Health and Safety in Certain Workplaces (4 June 2020)
Employee permit during lockdown
TERS Information Sheet
National Disaster Payment - Excel template
Guidelines to convert Excel to CSV
MOA between Employer and UIF
MOA for Bargaining Councils that can pay benefits to the Employee directly
MOA for Bargaining Councils that cannot pay benefits to employees directly
MOA for Bodies/Organisations/Councils that cannot pay benefits to employees directly
Employers account information
Undertaking letter
Sample Text
UIF Application Forms
UI-2-1 Application for unemployment benefits
UI-2-2 Application for illness benefits
UI-2-5 Dependants benefits surviving spouse
UI-2-6 Dependants benefits other than spouse
UI-2-7 Remuneration whilst in employment
UI-2-8 Application to pay UIF benefits into banking account
UI-19 employers declaration