Is Commission Included in the Calculation of the National Minimum Wage?

Is commission included in the calculation of the National Minimum Wage?

The latest from the CCMA and our view Recently, in the matter of Workers Against Regression obo Motshegetsa and Others v Atlas Finance [2021] 3 BALR 332 (CCMA), the CCMA had to decide whether the employer was complying with the National Minimum Wage Act (the Act). More specifically, the CCMA had to determine whether the…

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Temporary Employment Service or Independent Contractor?

Unpacking the matter between David Victor & 200 Others v Chep South Africa (Pty) Ltd & Others (2020) JA55/2019 (LAC) Introduction Section 198A(3)(b) of the LRA provides that an employee who performs work at a client for a period exceeding three months, is deemed to be an indefinitely employed employee of the temporary employment service’s…

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