We have 35% black shareholding & a level 5 BBBEE rating

We have 35% black shareholding and a level 5 BBBEE rating. It is our policy to give preference to applicants from the designated groups in every new position at our company. In terms of our own suppliers, service providers and joint venture partners, we apply a preferential procurement policy, actively seeking out black-owned and black-empowered organisations.


As part of our Corporate Social Development initiative, we are a proud contributor to the BrainBoosters program.


BrainBoosters focuses on developing the potential of young minds by empowering their parents through monthly workshops and by providing a well-balanced range of developmental toys and books for their children from birth to 6 years of age. The Brain Boosters programme has been developed to suit everyone from the underprivileged communities and nursery schools to the more privileged parents who want to spend extra time stimulating their little ones.


The BrainBoosters programme has been approved as fully qualifying for SED points (socio-economic development) on the BEE scorecard, as well as improving ED and PP scores.


We encourage other companies to take a look at the program, change the lives of families in the community and improve their scorecard at the same time.  For more information, visit www.brainboosters.co.za


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