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2012 March 29

Is there a duty to consider bumping or offer an available alternative position?

Must an employer consider “bumping” as an alternative to retrenchment? Must it offer a redundant employee an available alternative position even if this would require additional training? These are some of the issues that occupied the Labour court in the matter of NUMSA v Timken SA (Pty) Ltd the union. For the answers to these issues, follow the link and read Barney's summary of the issues the court had to determine. ...

2012 March 06

FAWU press statement on National Strike on Labour Brokers

Members of the food and allied workers union (FAWU) employed in various workplaces across the food processing and beverage manufacturing industries as well as in agricultural, forestry, sea-going fishing, and food sales and merchandising sectors will come out in their tens of thousands to support the COSATU-led strike action against the practice of labour brokers....


  • What is the value of structured/competency based interviews?
  • How do psychometric assessments differ from competency based assessments?
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