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We 'walk the talk'

We are a level 2 BBEEE provider, proof of our commitment to the philosophy of black economic empowerment and employment equity.

We have the expertise and the experience

Our practitioners are all qualified within the field of law or industrial psychology.  Our unique understanding of both the theory and practice of employment law, employment relations and organisational dynamics makes us partners of choice for a large variety of organisations, large and small, across all economic sectors.

Seamless and integrated advice

We cover the full spectrum of our client's people related needs at the workplace. Being part of the Maserumule Group, we also ensure a smooth and cost effective hand-over of litigation matters to our partner, Maserumule Inc.

Return on Investment

Our many years of practice and academic experience give us the ability to understand our clients' training and learning needs. This enables us to design multi-disciplinary interventions that are both tailor-made to their learning needs and in line with best practice.


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  • How do psychometric assessments differ from competency based assessments?
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Level 5 BBBEE contributor

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