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    • Accountability & responsibility
    • We conduct our business within the framework of applicable laws, regulations and professional standards
    • We have a duty to know and understand our code and the values on which they are based
    • We take steps against noncompliance
    • We are committed to protect individuals against retaliation
    • We act in a socially accountable manner and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of communities
    • Honesty
      & professionalism
    • We deliver professional service
    • We meet our contractual obligations and charge honestly for our services
    • We are committed to upholding a honest professional work environment that is free from retaliation, harassment and discrimination
    • Integrity
      & respect
    • We address circumstances that impair or could appear to impair our professionalism
    • We attempt to balance work and private life, and help others to do the same
    • We are in support of promoting fundamental human rights and avoid partaking in business activities that exploit same
    • We take pride in the diversity of our labour force
    • We treasure our independence of mind

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  • How do psychometric assessments differ from competency based assessments?
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